Olay Regenerist Microderm Abrasion Kit


I purchased this product on my own and am sharing my review based on my own honest opinion because I love it enough to waste my time bragging about it! I began using this kit about a month ago and I absolutely LOVE it! It comes with the microdermabrasion treatment and a bottle of peel activator serum. I’m not sure why they call it that, because I haven’t noticed any peeling. You start out by gently massaging the microdermabrasion treatment onto your face. It is gritty because it contains derma-crystals in it. It is an excellent exfoliant for getting rid of those dead skin cells! I go over my fine lines, and laugh lines really good. Let’s face it, I would take an electric sander to my face to get rid of those! But this treatment is really gentle! Leaving the microdermabrasion treatment on your face, you next add the peel activator serum. It warms up a bit as it melts the derma-crystals into a nice foam. Then you wipe your face clean with a wash cloth. The first time I used this, I was in awe at how soft my face was. It actually felt like a new baby’s skin! I have continued to use this kit over the past 3 weeks noticing great results from it! My fine lines are slowly disappearing and my complexion has never been clearer! This kit really helps with break outs. I use it twice a week as directed so this kit should last me about 3 months. At around $20, I will never be without this product again! Many thanks to you Olay!


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