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You guessed it! How to save money!

All About Me


I am an animal loving, coupon cutting, deal seeking, clearance shopping, internet surfing mom of 3 teenagers. It seems the older they get, the more they want! If I can grow it or make it instead of buying it then I will. I do whatever I can to save a few bucks! I grew up shopping at garage sales, and playing with farm animals. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and I still love my garage sales! I just recently started blogging so please bare with me as my blog is a work in progress!

My kids (Of Course!)
Olive Garden
Finding ways to stay looking young
My dog Bailey
Red Lobster
Getting a great buy
Planting flowers
Sweet Tea
Shopping for free items
Making Jewelry
Scrapbooking (Though I’m slacking lately!)
Chinese food
Trying out new products

Overpriced JUNK
Paying for cleaning supplies
When people steal my coupons out of the paper! Grrr!
Missing a great deal
Paying high $ for gas