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Eggs In A Basket


Quite frankly I stink at making eggs over easy. I always end up breaking at least on during the flipping process! This is a simple and creative way to make an egg over easy and toast at the same time! When you are done they look like a basket with an egg in it. A perfect breakfast idea for Easter morning right before the kids devour all that candy!

First you butter both sides of a piece of bread. Then you use something circle shaped, about 2 inches around to cut a circle dead center in the piece of bread. I use a drinking glass, but cookie cutters work well too. Keep the little 2 inch circle that you cut out of the center because you will fry that also to dip in your yoke. Begin cooking the bread on medium heat until the butter on the top side of the bread has melted. Crack open an egg and add it to the circle in the center of the bread. Add salt and pepper if you like. Once the bottom side of the bread is browned, flip over the bread and cook until the yoke is cooked to your liking. I just gently push on it with the side of the spatula to make sure it is not too runny. There you go! Egg in a basket! 🙂